LYT 4G Magic Mushrooms Chocolate

LYT 4G Magic Mushrooms Chocolate

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Get Ready To Embark On A Journey With These LYT Shroom Chocolates! They’re Made With The Highest Quality Magic Mushrooms And The Most FIRE Chocolate.

This LYT Bar Has 4g Of Shrooms, Take All Of It To Go On The Trip Of A Lifetime Or Split It With A Friend To Share The Experience!

LYT Chocolate Is Specially Crafted By Chefs And Mycologists, So Each Piece Is Flavorful And Gives You The Perfect High Every Time. It Makes Eating Shrooms Easy And Enjoyable!

At Smaller Doses (Microdose = 0.15g – 0.5g) You Can Expect To Feel Elevated In Mood And Have Increased Clarity. You Will Not “Trip” At This Dose. Many Studies Say Microdosing Can Help With PTSD, Depression, And Addiction.

At Higher Doses (1.0g+), You Can Expect To Feel Extremely Connected To Things Around You And Get A Strong Sense Of Energy Coming From A “Different Dimension.”

Wait 30-60 Min To Feel The Full Effect. Do Not Drive While Getting LYT. LYT 4G Magic Mushrooms Chocolate


Apple Of My Eye, Cookie Monster, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Mind Maize, Nutty Blonde, Pineapple Prism, Rainbow Road

If you’re looking for a tasty chocolate bar with the added benefits of magic mushrooms, then look no further than Magic Shrooms in USA! Our Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and provide an energy boost when consumed responsibly. In addition, we use only natural ingredients in our products to offer both quality and safety. So give us a try today and find out what all the fuss about this delicious treat is about!

Why Choose Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar?

The Magic Mushroom bar is one of the most exciting products currently being sold. It’s made entirely from chocolate, but it also contains psilocybin flour. A little chocolate goes a long way, and the magic mushroom chocolate bar has a unique flavor. It’s perfect for those who want something unusual but tasty! It is a chocolate bar made with the active compounds found in magic mushrooms. It’s just as delicious as traditional chocolate, but it can improve your mood for hours. This bar of chocolate makes the perfect gift for any occasion. It is made from magic mushrooms, so it has a special and unique taste that will leave your taste buds wanting more. Moreover, The Magic Mushroom bar is a chocolate treat with unique tastes and smells. LYT 4G Magic Mushrooms Chocolate

Buy LYT 4G Mushrooms Chocolate Online